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October 1st, 2015

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08:16 pm - New season of TV
Spoilers for all aired episodes of currents seasons behind the cuts

Agents of SHIELD

That was rather meh for me. I liked the new Inhuman character Joey Gutierrez, I liked Bobbi and Hunter, and Mac, and I liked Skye (I know she’s Daisy now, but I’m with Coulson on this: “Hard for us to get used to, huh?” :)). I missed May very much. I missed Ward a little bit (what can I say - I love villains and he’s a good one).


Those two episodes were much, much better than the whole season 1. Jim Gordon is boring so less focus on him and more on the villains is a great idea IMO. And Barbara definitely works better as a villain than a bland love interest.

The Muppets

That was disappointing and not The Muppets I remember from my childhood. One reason for that is not the fault of the show. I got used to watching Muppets with Polish dubbing and hearing English speaking voices was jarring. The other reason – it felt as if the show was made specifically for the adults and only for the adults and it didn’t work for me at all. I wasn’t planning to watch more after the pilot, but apparently the 2nd episode is much better, so I think I’ll check it out.


Wow, that show is a crazy soap opera and I love it. Jamal was my favorite in season 1 and he’s still my favorite. Even though he’s turning into Lucious. And Lucious of course easily takes “worst father of the year” award.

I loved Jamal’s second boyfriend Ryan in season 1, because he was played by Eka Darville (Diego from the 1st season of The Originals), but I liked Michael, too, so I’m glad he’s back. And that kiss in season premiere, with Jamal being all aggressive and controlling, was super hot. :)


I don’t know why I expected a somewhat realistic TV show about agents training in Quantico (based on nothing at all, I haven’t read any spoilers :)), and it certainly isn’t it. But it’s entertaining with a lot of pretty people, and the lead played by Priyanka Chopra is the prettiest of them all. So for now I’ll be watching.
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Date:October 13th, 2015 06:38 pm (UTC)
I liked the 2nd episode od AOS so much better. Daisy is my favorite now, so I definitely liked her being the centre of the show. And May was back being awesome as always, and Ward was back being great as a villain.

Still bitter about Tripp dying, and that we didn't get Fitz/Mack and Simmons/Bobbi. I don't have anything against Bobbi/Hunter, they're just not interesting to me.

I would love for Fitz/Mack to be canon. I still headcanon Mack as gay or at least bisexual. Nothing in the show contradicts that. I like Bobbi/Hunter, but I wouldn't mind Bobbi/Jemma, I wouldn't mind that at all. I'm not very fond of Fitz/Simmons, I loved them as close friends and was very disappointed when romantic feelings came into picture.

I would love to watch the originals series of Muppets now and see how it compares to my childhood memories. And I watched the next 3 episodes and liked them much better, so I will be watching the rest.

As for Gotham - heh, yes, we are complete opposites. I definitely prefer season 2. But I agree with you about writers not knowing what to do with Barbara in the 1st season and about her scenes with Selina and Ivy - those were great.

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