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October 13th, 2015

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09:03 pm - A season finale and a season premiere
Major spoilers behind both cuts

Dominion 2x13 “Sine Deo Nihil

Michael and Gabriel are on the same side now. And that was rather sudden IMO, I would love to have more – more talking and angsting and brotherly feelings. But still that scene in the church in Mallory after Gabriel was cured was beautiful, with Gabriel clinging to Michael and Michael cradling Gabriel’s neck so gently and forgiving him. ♥ ♥ ♥

Noma is not dead (and thank you so much for that, show). She got her new beautiful, white wings from Lucifer, I’m guessing. I know there was the deleted scene with The Prophet promising Noma her wings back if she'd bring Alex east (to Mallory and Lucifer presumably). And Noma had to take that deal somewhere between ep 1x11 and the finale.

I saw a lot of predictions about who would die in the finale, but nobody predicted Claire. Me neither. But I guessed it in the middle of episode, after Alex told Noma that he loved her, not Claire. It suddenly made so much sense. In the 2nd half of the season they got rid of two things most important to Claire: Gates and her baby. They gave her opportunity to reconcile with her father and get closure with Alex. Only I thought that maybe she’d die taking the bullet for Alex, like throwing herself in front of him or something similar.

I thought that maybe General Riesen would die, or David Wheele, especially after William’s death. Yet they are both alive. Or you can say that Edward Riesen is dead, it’s just Duma now. I wonder if Alex will evict the angel from Riesen’s body in the next season. It didn’t work with Julian, but it was only because, as Julian said, they both (human and angel) wanted it. Riesen wanted it before, that’s why he became the dyad, but I’m sure he doesn’t want it now, what’s with Duma killing his beloved daughter. And Alex is much stronger now, as evidenced with him evicting so many angels at the same moment in the season finale.

Julian was back, which was a nice surprise. And we met Lucifer, sort of? Even if it was only as a blurred shape in the water.

Please TPTB, renew Dominion, please, please, please. I want to know what happens next, I want to properly meet Lucifer, I want to meet Raphael. I want to have Uriel back. I want to know what Noma will do. I want to see Michael and Gabriel working together to protect Alex. I’m not greedy, just one more season, please. :)

The Originals 3x1 “For The Next Millenium”

That was great. I loved everything and everyone. :) I’m so happy my favorite show is back.

I’m glad they brought back original Finn and original Kol for the flashbacks. I never cared for Freya (I didn’t hate her, nothing like that, I just didn’t find her particularly engaging in season 2), but I prefer her as a reluctant ally to her siblings than a reluctant villain. As for the newbie – Lucien is interesting and has sizzling chemistry with Klaus.

If I remember correctly those siblings from the flashback Tristan and Aurora are the other two turned into vampires. Who turned whom - Elijah turned Tristan, Rebekah turned Aurora? I hope we’ll see exactly how Mikaelson siblings learned how to turn people into vampires and how they learned compulsion. I have a theory that Lucien was dying and that’s why Klaus turned him (maybe first trying to heal him without success, feeding Lucien his blood and then grieving when Lucien died only to find out he became a vampire). And it would be a neat predecessor to Klaus turning Marcel only after he was mortally shot.

It made me think about The Vampire Diaries/The Original verse and turning. On one hand – vampires turn those they feel emotional connection with (Klaus with Marcel and probably Lucien, Finn with Sage, Marcel with Thierry definitely and his regiment during the war, with Diego maybe, we don’t know if Marcel knew him before turning, Katherine used that guy’s (whose name I can’t remember) love for her to make him turn her into a vampire so she wouldn’t be sacrificed by Klaus) and it was done almost always as they way to save the life of the loved one. On the other hand – they turn people into vampires when it suits their purposes without emotional attachment at all (Klaus with Taylor and Jenna, Damon with Matt’s sister Vicky, Katherine with Caroline and a few others).

That’s why I wonder how Tristan and Aurora were turned. Was it because it was convenient or necessary at the time, was it something more? Did maybe Rebekah turned Tristan, because she fell in love with him? And Elijah turned Aurora because of some other reason.

I can’t remember if we saw someone Rebekah turned. We didn’t in The Originals (we just saw that she wanted to turn the governor’s son she was in love with in 1820), but I can’t remember if we did in The Vampire Diaries. But we definitely haven’t seen anyone Elijah turned yet.

A few other thoughts:

I miss Josh, where is he? Davina could use a friend right now.

Marcel and Vincent fighting was so very hot. Yusuf Gatewood and Charles Michael Davis are both beautiful men.

Detective William Kinney – for now I like him only because he’s played by Jason Dohring, not because he’s very interesting. I’m sure he’ll have more to do in the next episodes, I just hope it won’t include a love triangle with Cami and Klaus. I wonder when will he find about vampires, witches etc. The show is quite good at not dragging these sort of things out, so I expect this happening soon, 4th episode at the latest.
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[User Picture]
Date:October 14th, 2015 02:27 am (UTC)
I thought the season opener for The Originals was really strong. I loved all the Klaus/Cami scenes (yes, I'm predictable). The flashbacks were really enjoyable, and watching Elijah rip into the wolf-hunters was pretty fun. And yes to the Marcel-Vincent fight training scene. They are both so yum.

Also happy they brought back the church set. It provides a great atmosphere for this show.

I didn't realize how much I missed seeing them all on my screen until they were back.
[User Picture]
Date:October 15th, 2015 05:42 pm (UTC)
I missed all of them so much.

and watching Elijah rip into the wolf-hunters was pretty fun.

Yeah and the way he turned around Hope's carriage, so she couldn't see it. Such a considerate uncle. ;)

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