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August 6th, 2016

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05:38 pm - Let’s talk about TV and theater and movies
Or what I watched during my LJ absence.

Theatre: Maxine Peake’s Hamlet

I watched it at the movies as a part of Shakespeare Lives events. This is my second favorite Hamlet, after Kenneth Branagh’s production (come to think of it, I should made a ranking of all Hamlets I watched in my life as there have been already 12 of them :)). And Maxine Peake as Hamlet – well, she is fantastic and so sexy dressed in a loose white shirt and with that slightly hoarse voice of hers. See for yourself:

 photo maxine peake hamlet 1_zpsdjv4ute0.jpg

And here she is with Ophelia played by Katie West:

 photo maxine peake hamlet 2_zpss8jbaaus.jpg

You can call this whole production a genderbent Hamlet, because not only the title part is played by a woman, but also Polonius (here called Polonia, played wonderfully by Gillian Bevan), Marcellus (here Marcella), Rosencrantz and both gravediggers.

TV: Shadowhunters

I can’t recommend this show with a clear conscience, because it’s rather bad. Bad writing, bad acting (especially main character Clary – Kat McNamara seems like a super nice, adorable girl in interviews and photos, but she’s a very bad actress), bad fight choreography, cheap special effects. But the show did a few things right and these things are:

1. Magnus played by Harry Schum jr. and Magnus/Alec pairing – Harry Schum jr is wonderful as Magnus and it’s so nice to watch him in something other than Glee. Matthew Daddario is good enough actor and has insane chemistry with Harry and that creates magic that is Magnus/Alec. I watched their scenes so many times, I know them almost by heart. They cheered me up so much during the times when I really needed cheering up.

2. Lightwood siblings Alec and Izzy – they relationship with each other and their parents and their much younger brother.

3. Vampire Raphael and his relationship with Simon – another character added to my list of favorite vampires. Simon is quite ok, too.

4. Lydia – a new character, who wasn’t in the books. She’s a tough, intelligent, no-nonsense young woman with a tragic past. I would love if she’d come back for season 2.

Movies: Our little sister – Japanese movie written and directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda

It’s a story about complicated relationships, but also a deep love between sisters, shown subtly and unhurriedly, and with a happy ending. Maybe it is a bit too shallowly optimistic and sentimental at times and conflicts are a little bit too easily resolved, but I don’t care. It made me cry, it made me smile and it gave me something to think about. I plan on buying DVD and watching it a few times more.

Here is the trailer.

And if you’d like to read more detailed reviews these two are good:

Review 1

Review 2
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